Lonely single Catholic man prays for countercultural Catholic wife

For about 12 years at this location and for another five or six years at its predecessor on CompuServe, I had posted the venerable Quiz for Single Catholic Women. Its goal was to help me locate a suitable single Catholic lady to marry. I made some good friends, but it was otherwise an abysmal failure. I was still a reasonably young man when I started at about 34 or 35. I had much darker hair and more of it. I also had lots more hope and patience. Now, at 61 and counting, my hope is nearly gone and my dreams are mostly shattered, a sad testament to the pathetic state of the Catholic Church today-- and pretty much for the last 50 years. There just aren't very many decent single Catholic ladies around, and of those who might not think I am crazy, almost all either live far, far from where I live or are way too young and would not even consider someone my age. As I get older, I start to think that the obvious is true: the good ones get taken when they are young. I was born at the wrong time, maybe even in the wrong universe. Being a late-bloomer didn't help either. People keep telling me that I am wrong, but my response is simple: Show me one. Just one. That is all I ever asked: just one lady to marry. I'm not a polygamist. I'm just an unusual late-bloomer who bloomed too late.

God knows I tried. I had a subscription at Ave Maria Singles for sixteen years before I finally threw in the towel there. I have been on Catholic Match for over fifteen years but have more or less given up there too. On my sixtieth birthday, I changed most of the verbs in my profile there to the past tense. I had a decent job that brought me in contact with lots of people who were not all unaware of my lamentable state. I told anyone who wanted to listen. I have prayed to every saint I can imagine. I have begged and pleaded with God the Father, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and even "the unknown saint" in case I missed one. It has been all for nought.

I am repeatedly told not to be negative, but there is nothing positive about my situation. I am a bright, funny person with a big heart who should have been snapped up when he was young, but instead I was left on the shelf by a world of women with poor values and misguided priorities to collect dust. At some point, one simply has to admit defeat. On the 1960's game show Concentration, unless someone accidentally matched the two Wild Card squares, two unmatchable squares would be left at the end of the game. I guess I'm just one of those old squares that can't be matched.

I've decided to lay it all up front here in case you are a lady who, over the years, has also lost her patience for winding through the maze of questions that I had here. Some of what I posted is less important today. I have actually changed a bit. The things that pertain to children may be completely irrelevant as I am probably past the age where rearing children is something I will be doing, unless God has a big surprise in store for me. Still, my name isn't Abraham, and God never promised me a rose garden much less a wife.

In short, I am looking for a single, feminine, Catholic lady who likes to wear long skirts or dresses, is traditional-minded inasmuch as she does not take issue with what the Church teaches, even when it is difficult, inconvenient, or unpopular, but won't look down on me or anyone else for attending the Novus Ordo Mass (though I have been attending mostly the extraordinary form for the last four years or so), lives somewhere close to me so that I can actually date her a bit before making a lifelong commitment, does not watch television, and would homeschool or is homeschooling any children she has. Yes, that wipes out 99.5% of the female population, and yes, I'm probably too old to be thinking about children, and yes, the whole thing is probably a fool's errand. So I'm a sentimental, old fool. I don't know why I keep trying apart from sheer stubbornness and deep craving.

If you want to make me cry a river of tears of sadness, put on a pair of jeans, sneakers, shorts, or sweat pants; tell me that Church doctrine is outdated, needs updating, or isn't practical; or start talking about what was on television last night.

I like to make good conversation about meaningful topics. I'd much rather talk about ideas than people or things.

I was going to write something else when I first created this particular page many moons ago, but my computer kept crashing before I had a chance to save it. I'll take that as a sign that I wasn't supposed to post it. That's what happens when one gets old-- that and women offering me seats on the subway... sigh. If I were a bridge they would tear me down to the girders at least.

If you live somewhere near Long Island, NY, you may be especially interested to read about an aging 61-year-old single Catholic from New York.

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